About Us

Our Story

Established in 1999, Reliance Clothing’s design and manufacturing house can be found nestled amongst the busy streets of Observatory in Cape Town. Reliance Clothing acts as a hub between manufacturers and customers, facilitating procurement, design, production and dispatch. RAG is our home-grown promotional apparel range supplying both the trade and end user with the best quality gear.

Our CEO’s, Tom Figl, passion and love for cycling resulted in the creation of Reliance Action (Cycling) gear, which later developed into Reliance Active Gear. Proudly South African, we endeavour to empower South African owned businesses and drive the textile industry in our beloved country. All of the materials we use to make our products are from local suppliers and we only manufacture locally.

With over 20 years’ experience and hundreds of happy clients we know what it takes to make top quality products and ensure consistency throughout. Our patternmakers, cutters, designers, machinists and dispatch team have years of experience in the clothing industry. Reliability, as well as a quick response to market demands, allows us to deliver the best quality product to our customers, on time.

Our Promise

By making our clothing entirely in the Cape Town from seed to stitch, Ragstore is creating a better way to produce clothing. Our sustainable model brings a holistic approach to fixing the fashion industry by addressing all 3 Pillars of Sustainability:

1. Economically, we are supporting our local milling and sewing economies. By having an entirely SA domestic supply chain, we can ensure all our workers are paid fair wages, work happens only in legally-binding safe work environments and resources are kept within our communities. In the process, we can help diminish the demand for global sweatshops, low wages and hidden working conditions.

2. Environmentally, by creating an entirely domestic supply chain, we significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our clothing and the travel distances between factories.

3. Socially, we are supporting our local sewing community and building diverse and satisfying jobs that encourage human productive creativity in safe spaces.